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Poster: Spaced Date: Feb 9, 2007 9:30pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: left to right, where are you?

Thanks for the emotionally balanced note!

>>>It is our destiny to protect and uphold civil liberties and encourage peace. We have the power and the education as well as the ethics in place.>>>

Realistically we need to get off the high horse and face up to racism, classism, and corruption at home. We've made great progress in many ways in 50 years, but a much longer history of chattel slavery, mass genocide, gunboat diplomacy, and banana republics is not quickly undone.

We may have power but our ethics are troubling. We were lied into war, just as most of the previous ones, and that is irrefutable. Means are important and liars will not prosper, especially when they play on fear and distort people's true sense of justice into war profiteering.

>>>Iraq is also a breeding ground for terrorists the have killed thousands in the UK and the USA. Second, Saddam was a very powerful figurehead in the middle east and amongst terrorists, and if he hasn't already made weapons of mass destruction, it is more than likely that he was trying to make them or fund others that made them.>>>

The UN had inspectors in place until the US insisted on their removal. Then NO weapons of mass destruction were found, not even under Bush's podium. If only Dave Chappelle was president.

And Bush actually acknowledged last year that Saddam and Ossama were NOT connected. After intense and daily bombing for 10 years, Iraq was no threat and Iraq suffered so much that over a million children (and more) died of the poisons and sanctions. Not that I like tyrants like Saddam, but Rumsfeld is the one who made deals with him personally, and the US govt aided both Iraq and Iran in their war against each other.

Since 2003, we've killed many many more. Calmly compare what we lost in numbers to what harm we've inflicted, and then also consider all the dictators and suppression we support.

Sure it's a dirty world but we can't escape karma just because we say 'lord, lord.'

>>>>free capitalist government system that has fostered economic growth unseen anywhere else in the world as well as technological innovation.>>>

There is and never has been a true free market, speaking as an economist. Welfare for the rich is the reality, and it's built on the backs of the poor. If 1% of the people own 50% the wealth in the US, you can just imagine the numbers of people who are forced to support the wealthy. That goes for Communist China too of course!

We're in for a world of pain from the weather, energy market disruption, and the obscene debt if we can't change course. The government response to Katrina shows clearly we are vulnerable and willfully unready AND unwilling.

>>>All in all, I think its great we are in Iraq and trying to do something to change that country for the better.>>>

The current effort is based on lies and corruption and that is not good! Almost all Iraqis (and the world) want us out, and we can't afford the TRILLIONS to go it alone even apart from moral considerations.

If we want to change it for better we have to transition to a world WIDE coalition, involving many Muslim countries. Everyone has a stake in the oil economy after all.

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